Health is of utmost importance. You can work very hard. Make all the $$$$ you want. Dont do it at the expense of your health. Money will not buy you a good life. It can lead to more trouble and ultimately unhappiness. Work hard but take good care of your health. Join a health spa. Refreshafter a days work. Use a little money. Have a good meal. Then get a good massage and relax in an lovely environment. do work while you are in the spa. Relax and recover from the fatigue of a hard day in the office. Do a little exercise. Free your mind from worries. Enjoy the company of friends. Eat some nourishing food.. Detox. Your body will feel good. Health is more important than money. All the money in the world will not help you if you have serious medical problems. Be happy. Limit your personal ambitions. Enjoy life. Health spa Singapore.