The 8 odious (original title: The Hateful Eight) 2015 subtitled in Romanianthe 8 odious (2015) subtitled online. the hateful eightThe Hateful Eight posterThe Hateful Eight posterAn action movie, western written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Six years after the Civil War, a carriage rushes through the frozen landscape of Wyomings, i┼čte bounty hunters looking for a shelter in the path of a storm. But their survival is threatened, and shelter, where get involved in a plot with betrayals and deceptions.Year: 2015Genul Movies: Action, Movies Online, Western Actors: Channing Tatum, Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Tim RothTags: action movies, WesternsOne winter fairy in the period after the Civil War, while heading to the town of Red Rock State Wyoming, bounty hunter John executioner Ruths prisoner runaway, Daisy Domergue, meet with Major Maquis Warren, who he became one of the most wicked and unscrupulous bounty hunters, and Chris Mannix, a renegade southern claiming to be the new sheriff of the town. Hoping to be able to accommodate the path blizzards, hiking to moving together to halt the carriages from the nearest transient. But to their surprise, instead Minnie g