Customers are the greatest users of products and services made in buy to satisfy their wants. Producers of these merchandise and services, guided by their profit motive, may charge exorbitant costs and may possibly display small issue for buyers in conditions of satisfactory quality, utility, efficiency or security of the very good or service provided for sale. There are several reasons for client safety and discussed as follows:Unfair Investing Methods of the BusinessmenSome producers and their distributors might indulge in unfair investing techniques so as to increase revenue at the expense of buyers. These methods may get the type of misleading ads, inferior high quality and performance of merchandise or solutions, exorbitant prices, substandard packaging, inadequate weights and measures, income gimmicks and the liking.Ignorance of Buyers that Products may possibly Endanger their Overall health or LifestyleCustomers might be unaware of the deficiencies or the hazard to their health and daily life of specified buys. For example: hazardous substances, additives, artificial flavors, dyes which are dangerous to health,